STEALTH Twin-Speed, Limited-Clearance Bolting Technical Data
The HYTORC Stealth is the world's fastest limited clearance torque/tension machine.

HYTORC has listened to our customer's requests for a true, all application fit and multifunctional low profile machine. Management threw a serious challenge to our engineering team requesting a completely new (from the ground up) machine that could be incorporated and utilized with our Stretch-to-Load bolting technologies. This was not to be just a re-engineered version of our famous XLCT series machine but a unique machine capable of much, much more.
Only the STEALTH can apply torque on one job and tension on another by means of the LoaDisc Washer or Clamp Nut. It is designed to be the most versatile in the market. A simple button allows for click-in connection of hex links and other accessories and makes the tool FME compliant.
The STEALTH is equipped with a Dual Piston System which provides tremendous bolting speeds and also allows the hex link and the tool to remain the same uniform thickness. This slim, ergonomic design of the STEALTH is patented and allows access to the most confined spaces where other tooling simply will not fit.

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The patented Click-In Hex Link Retain System is an industry first.

By eliminating the troublesome pins and screws used by other manufacturers to retain a hex link, the STEALTH is the first low profile machine to be certified as FME compliant. Changing out hex links is hassle-free by simply pushing a pin on the back of the tool! The STEALTH incorporates a unique 360 x 220 degree Flat-Fit uniswivel assembly. This patented assembly provides incredible freedom and confidence when using the machine in tight, headroom-restricted situations.

The STEALTH advantage:
Our latest generation of torque/tension compatible low profile bolting machines streamlines and simplifies your bolting requirements by providing coverage for both your torque and tension applications with the same system!

Conventional torque:
The STEALTH is the logical choice for restricted headroom as well as applications with non standard or extra length studs. Hex links are available in imperial, metric, 6 point and 12 point configurations in heavy hex/mm sizes. Provides unmatched performance in six (6) tool sizes ranging from 278 ft. lbs. minimum to 34,700 ft. lbs. maximum torque!

Stretch-to-load compatibility:
The STEALTH stands alone as the only low profile machine capable of conventional torque, reaction free torque (with the LoaDisc) and pure axial bolt tension (with the Clamp mechanical tension nut). Reaction free and back up wrench free torque is made possible by installing the innovative JETYD LoaDisc under the existing heavy hex nut. Bolt load accuracy is guaranteed to +/- 10% representing a major improvement over conventional torque methods. For tension applications where accurate bolt load is critical, the JETYD Clamp mechanical tension nut is without question a viable and practical alternative to antiquated and questionable hydraulic tension or jack screw tension systems. When used in conjunction with the Clamp, the STEALTH provides pure axial bolt stretch accurate to a guaranteed +/- 5%... without the use of bridges and pullers and without the complicated procedures of jack screw tensioners!

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XLCT™ Low Clearance Torque Machine Technical Data
The Classic HYTORC Hydraulic limited clearance Torque Wrench used in all industries in confined areas!

xlctmain HYTORC's patented In-Line Reactor permits the use of drive extensions, something no other hydraulic wrench is capable of.
HYTORC-XLCT provides continuous turning speed and precise power delivery to the nut in all applications.
HYTORC-XLCT is equipped with a 360x360 degree Uni-Swivel so there is literally no hose kinking and the tool can be applied even in the most confined areas.
What started with a 3-moving part tool, ended up to be the fastest, most powerful universal Torque Machine in the World! A Torque Machine that doesn't pre-stall, doesn't hang through and gets the desired torque on the nut, no matter what. Add to it the variety of job-related accessories and you have the only tool you will ever need.

Versa - Low-Clearance Technical Data
The Economical, Light Commercial Duty, Limited Clearance Tool for all Areas.

Hytorc's VERSA Wrench was designed for the most inaccessible bolting areas found in industry. Its long neck, short height and small radius have all added to its great sales success.
The exchangeable All Purpose VERSA Hex Links are quick-connected to the Hydraulic Motor Housing and permit in-field, tool-free exchange of link sizes. Its rear fitting permits holding the tool in position by means of the 4:1 safety rated twin-line hoses. Even hex inserts are available where clearance permits.
Hytorc's field-proven mechanism has been perfected over the years. The best alloys available combined with safety-oriented engineering and precision machining, make the VERSA-Wrench the one others are compared to for safety, simplicity, accuracy and quality. With 75% fewer parts, sturdy dual lock, twin-body engineering, Hytorc's VERSA is the best.