The Award-Winning LoaDisc® The Cure for 'Bad Actors'

Photobucket The LoaDisc is an economical low profile reaction washer with an inner thread segment that is placed underneath a standardheavy hex nut. It provides controlled surface friction that enhances bolt load accuracy. Using this simple washer removes frictional losses due to flange surface condition while it eliminates side loading and bending losses due to external reaction points. The HYTORC machine and driver is equipped with an inner and outer socket. The nut is dry-lubed to reduce the usual frictional scatter.

For standard applications use the AVANTI or the AVANTI-DR machine. Photobucket

Photobucket For restricted headroom or applications with long protrusion,
the STEALTH is the logical choice.

The outer socket of the Disc driver locks onto the LoaDisc directly…
ensuring safe, hands free operation even on inverted applications!

Photobucket The LoaDisc is 100% compatible with the
HYTORC JGUN air torque / tension guns.

The LoaDisc locking mechanism.

The inner socket turns the nut while the outer
socket locks onto the LoaDisc underneath the nut.
This allows safe, hands-free operation in any position
(including inverted) and a reliable facial friction of the
nut is assured. Action & reaction become coaxial.

The usual friction-causing side load is eliminated.
A threaded segment in the inside of the LoaDisc creates a
counter nut effect with the nut thread. It stops the bolt from
turning with the nut! Further turning of the nut creates an
axial bolt elongation which pulls along the threaded segment
in the inside of the washer. The counter nut effect remains intact
throughout the assembled state of the fastener… so that despite
the use of a low-friction, dry lubricant, inadvertent nut loosening
even under vibration is eliminated!

The LoaDisc: Combining the benefit of torque & tension while eliminating unknowns!

1. The LoaDisc is available for bolt sizes from 1/2” – 4”, and is designed for all temperatures
2. Controlled, reliable bolt load accuracy to + 10%
3. Safety is optimized with hands free bolting… even on inverted applications
4. Reaction arms and back up wrenches are no longer required
5. The elimination of the reaction arm provides longer tool life
6. Human error is reduced with less complicated procedures
7. Less labor intensive operation equals fewer incidents
8. The LoaDisc meets ASTM-A194-01 and ASME-SA194-01 specifications

The LoaDisc: Fast. Safe. Simple. Accurate

Photobucket Photobucket
LoaDisc installed on bolt. Standard nut on LoaDisc. During stretching of the bolt, the
thread segment of the LoaDisc creates a counter nut effect and prevents the bolt from turning!