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AVANTI™ The LATEST Technical Data

AVANTI™ The World's First Torque/Tension Machine™
The AVANTI torque/tension compatible bolting machine streamlines and simplifies your bolting requirements by providing coverage for both your torque and tension applications with the same system! The major reason for hydraulic torque tool failure is internal tool torsion. It results from attaching the reaction arm distant from the drive. HYTORC connects its arm to the drive portion.
• Internal torsion is eliminated.
• The arm will not fly out.
• The patented co-axial action and reaction provides torque/tension compatibility.

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The use of a sliding, adjustable reaction fixture eliminates reaction headaches on problematic applications!

The HYTORC Avanti is Universal, Lighter, Faster, Safer. Torque/Tension compatible. Backup wrench and Reaction arm-free. 360° adjustable around the bolt. The most Precise Tool in the Industry!
The stationary tool stops the inner sleeve of the HYTORC Clamp or the HYTORC LoaDisc from turning when the nut is being turned at a known bearing face friction. The stationary bolt is elongated throughout its free length - literally so, measurably so, accurately so!

1. Conventional torque applications with the AVANTI are handled with the supplied coaxial drive reaction arm and square drive.
2.When used in conjunction with the AVANTI machine, the innovative LoaDisc allows controlled, reaction and back up wrench free torque.
3.The Clamp mechanical tension nut driven by the AVANTI machine provides pure axial bolt elongation without the use of bridges, pullers or troublesome jackscrews.

Conventional torque: The AVANTI is capable of handling conventional torque applications with the supplied coaxial square drive and reaction arm.
Reaction fixture torque: The unique design of the AVANTI reaction arm and coaxial square drive allows for custom/adjustable reaction fixtures to be used. These provide a safe and effective method of reaction on applications where the standard/supplied reaction arm will not be suitable.
Reaction & back up free torque: Place the innovative LoaDisc under the heavy hex nut and use the HYTORC AVANTI machine to achieve reaction arm and backup.
Load accurate tension: For restricted radius and critical path applications where bolt load accuracy is paramount… the Clamp mechanical tension nut powered by the HYTORC AVANTI machine provides calibrated bolt load to an incredible ± 5%.

MXT™ The CLASSIC Technical Data
The Hytorc MXT Square-Drive wrench is the only true uni-body tool in the world!


The MXT series is the all time most requested square drive hydraulic torque equipment by maintenance, service and construction personnel worldwide! The MXT equipment includes features that set the standard by which all other manufacturer's strive to measure up to.
HYTORC presents the high-strength MXT-SA versions of its ¾-inch, 1-inch and 1 ½-inch square-drive tools. Providing an unmatched level of strength in a quality torque tool, the MXT-SA has been designed for heavy production use. Although the SA versions have the same dimensions as their standard MXT counterparts; they are build with redesigned internal parts made of stronger materials to increase the tool longevity under continuous use.
The MXT-SA units feature a polished chrome finish and a torque output equal to the standard square drive model MXT. These units are also offered with a remarkable no-questions-asked 5 year warranty with free annual inspections – an industry first!

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The 360 x 180 degree hose uni-swivel allows easy fit in confined areas, and eliminates hose kinking.
It is unbeaten for durability, and unequalled accuracy.

The MXT series is the all time most requested square drive hydraulic torque equipment by maintenance, service and construction personnel worldwide!
The MXT equipment includes features that set the standard by which all other manufacturers strive to measure up to.
Our secondary pawl/ratchet assurance device, unibody TITAL 399 housing construction, 360° x 220° uniswivel assembly, simple click in reaction arm retainer. over 35 years of engineering firsts… is what separates HYTORC from others!
Over a decade ago, the MXT set the standard "for what a square drive hydraulic torque machine should be." For its intended purpose… it was (and still is) the perfect machine.
That being said, there are many "knock offs" out there that appear to be amore economically viable choice than a true HYTORC machine.
They claim to do the same thing as a HYTORC product, but put to the task in harsh industrial environments and on prolonged heavy duty bolting applications… the fact of the matter is that they simply do not hold up.

Available in ½" to 2-½" square drive – 1,000 ft lbs to 50,000 ft lbs

EDGE™ The BASIC Technical Data
"The most durable 3-moving part tool from the Inventor!"

When bolting speed is imperative, simplicity in use, light weight, small size and built-in durability become a must.
Hytorc's field-proven mechanism has been perfected over the years. The best alloys available combined with safety-oriented engineering and precision machining, make the EDGE-Wrench the one others are compared to for safety, simplicity, accuracy and quality. With 75% fewer parts, sturdy Uni-body Design and Anti-Lock Pawl System, Hytorc's EDGE is the best.


Major Advantages
• 360 degree Uni-swivel and 60 point
• Exclusive Precision-tooth Ratchet for accuracy
• One-piece, bind-free push-through drive
• Exclusive Radius, Throat and Head Contour for fit
• Long Stroke Design with Anti-lock feature
• Hands-free operation for safety
EDGE™ Features
• Just 3 moving parts
• Anti-lock ratchet
• Uni-body housing
• Dual Axis Swivel
• More turns per stroke
• Use of the highest tensile strength Alloy
• 360° adjustable reaction arm
• Nothing compares in Quality and Price